Burghley Voices Chamber Choir, Stamford, UK

William Cecil, first Lord Burghley

William Cecil
the first Lord Burghley
after whom the choir is named.

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Burghley Voices is a project-based Chamber Choir, based in Stamford, South Lincolnshire, England.

The group of about 20 singers is based in Stamford, South Lincolnshire, and performs an eclectic and diverse range of music, under its conductor, Fergus Black.

We perform three or four concerts during the year, and rehearse in the run-up to the concerts. We sing mostly in Stamford and the surrounding area, and our concerts tend to have a theme round which the music is based.

You can find out about our concerts, and others in the Stamford/Peterborough area, by subscribing to the newsletter from the High Notes Music Society.