Saturday 19 Dec 2015

Malcolm Sargent Carol Concert

Saturday 19th December, 2015
at St John’s Church,
off Red Lion Square, Stamford

with David Lee, actor


A programme of Christmas Carols arranged by Sir Malcolm Sargent, illustrated with readings. Sargent spent his formative years in Stamford, and St John’s is the church where he sang in the choir and played the organ.

This concert was moved to Stamford All Saints' at the last minute, because the heating at St. John's had broken down (again!).


The Boar’s Head Carol
Music: Traditional English
Words: Traditional English

Shakespeare’s Carol
Music: Thomas Arne
Words: As You Like It Act 2, Scene 7

from The Pickwick Papers by Charles Dickens, 1837


Sing, ye birds
Music: Mongolian folk song
Words: Malcolm Sargent

(A mother nurses her sick child)
Music: Korean folk-tune
Words: Malcolm Sargent

Nature carol
Music: Filipino plantation song
Words by Malcolm Sargent

from No Robins on the Palm Trees by Alan Whicker


On Christmas Day
Music: Traditional Greek Melody
Words: Steuart Wilson

To a Baby
Music: Greek Traditional Melody
Words: not credited

from More William by Richmal Crompton (1922)
Christmas In Qatar by Calvin Trillin (1994)


Zither carol
Music: Czech folk-tune
Words: Malcolm Sargent

Star in the south
Music: Polish folk-tune
Words: A P Herbert

Silent night
Music: Franz Gruber
Words: Malcolm Sargent


Earth’s Joy
Music: Mexican Carol
Words: Malcolm Sargent

from Christmas Day 1862
by Thomas Wentworth Higginson

Mary had a baby (Spiritual);
Music: Traditional Spiritual
Words: Traditional Spiritual

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“It is one of the interesting and thrilling pleasures of the musician to realise that music is not only for the “ professional ” and for the “ concert hall ” but that it has a willing duty to fulfil to the amateur and the home. Certain festivities demand their appropriate music and on occasion the dullest and least demonstrative of us feels an urge to burst into song. This is especially true at Christmas time when Christmas Carols and Songs do more to create and maintain the spirit of Christmas than anything else.”

from Sargent’s introduction to “ Christmas Melodies ”, published by the News Chronicle